How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist Fast – 5 Slim Tips

written by Big Wave on April 4, 2012 in Diet Advice with no comments

It wasn’t too long ago that I was a bit shall we say pudgy. I decided I had better do something about since I am in my 40′s after all. It wasn’t until I joined the newsletter of this site that I finally understood how to lose inches off the waistline, involved eating certain foods and avoiding others.

howtoloseinchesoffyourwaist How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist Fast   5 Slim Tips

These are some of what I learned on how to lose inches off your waist fast and without the typical extreme crunches advice you read everywhere.

Tip 1 Have Patience: Nothing happens in a day. In fact I have gone on diet plans that have resulted in me gaining a few pounds the first few days. The body reacts in odd ways sometimes to what you eat or changes you make. Every diet strategy requires changes to your daily routine. Most require some additional movement and giving up things. That was true of my losing inches around my gut routine as well.

Tip 2 Your inner Hulk or Wonder Woman: OK if you really want to know how to lose inches off your waist fast, it is going to take some physical effort as well. This is only necessary if you are in a hurry. I am not saying you can’t eat your belly slim, just that eating right alone will take some time.

You should pump some iron. You should do some standard pushups. You should do something that challenges the strength of your muscles. Yes the standard crunches do fall into this category, and did them in moderation when I was learning how to lose inches off my waist. The point is, muscles require and use a lot of energy when you make them do strength exercises. They get that energy from the fat stores around your belly.

Tip 3 Keep Eating: It isn’t so much how much you are eating, it is more about what you are eating. What I learned was that if you stop eating, your metabolism will shut down and that spare tire will not go anywhere fast. Some foods like cauliflower speed up the fat burning process and is part of the fastest way to lose inches off waist and hips routine I used.

The first time I went on Atkins I dropped 23 lbs in just a month. The fat burning kitchen program works even better. What they both have in common, is I got to eat plenty, but what I was allowed to eat was well defined, as well as what I could not eat. Atkins stopped working by month 3 and is expensive to implement. Fat kitchen is long term and healthier.

You have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the reasons given are wrong but in terms of kick starting your metabolism before a busy day, it certainly is. Oh and nibble on healthy things throughout the day. It only helps that metabolism keep burning, which is very cool. Steps 4 and 5 inches off continued…